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I'm wondering if there is a way in domo to share a full dashboard?


I've seen the ability to share a card and that's pretty awesome, but I want to share a whole dashboard on a web page, is that possible?

I really like how adding filters to one card impacts the other cards on the page and I'd like that functionality to be available when I share the page view.


Thanks in advance for your replies.


  • guitarhero23
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    Hi not 100% which situation you're talking about. Are you talking about sharing a dashboard in Domo with another Domo user so they can utilize the page filters functionality?

    If that's what you mean, simply share the page in Domo with someone,  they would have those abilities for page filters (if you enable) and interaction filters (if you setup)



    If when you mean web page you're actually talking about taking a dashboard and putting it on your own site to share with others I'll ask some clarifying questions. Do these users you want to share with have Domo licenses? If not they wouldn't be able to access the embedded cards. When you say web page are you talking about putting it on your own website?

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    Hi @guitarhero23


    Yes I was hoping to be able to display the full Domo dashboard on a site outside of Domo and have all of the page level filter capabilities preferably without requiring the users to have any kind of Domo license, they would only be viewing the data as a report, but I would still want them to have the capability to filter and drill down, not alter criteria or the dataset in any way.


    Right now I can share individual cards, and I can even make them publicly accessible, I realize that is a feature that incurs extra cost but it is possible. However, those cards don't seem to interact with each other the way that they do when viewing the dashboard in Domo. (i.e. Clicking on a series of card A does not  automatically also filter card B at all even when card B uses the same field as a series.)


    I appreciate your reply. I might end up setting up a Domo license for the people I want to share this dashboard with, I was just hoping to not need to give out a set of credentials.

  • guitarhero23
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    You should checkout some of the announcements they made earlier in the year at Domopalooza around stories and embedding. I'm not sure that 100% of the features have been released yet but they have announced some things around this.


    In the past everyone needed a Domo license if you embedded it (unless you made it public). I think building a Domo story dashboard and embedding that might get you closer to what you're looking for. Again don't know if the whole "non licensed users can access it" claim from that presentation (I believe it was in it) has come to fruition.

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  • user046467

    Sorry for the bump but is there any news regarding this?
    There should be some kind of "visitor license" which gives the rights to view the dashboards but not alter them. As it seems quite costly to just buy a license for viewing purposes.


    Hopefully someone has an update ?

  • in a dashboarding application the person who gets the most value out of your dashboard should be the person who views your data...


    given that domo does not target analysts, the reasoning of the sales pricing is that the viewer should cost as much as an editor license.


    there are grants that give users 'view only rights'.



    And there is pricing for platform extension and data distribution plans like Embed, publication groups, or Publish.

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