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I am looking to exclude categories on a pie chart when the total for that category=0.  I tried creating a couple different beast modes using sum(`revenue`) over (partition by `department`) but they either do not work as a filter or break the card.  I would like this value calculated on the fly because the date grain can be changed by the user and and the ins and outs of revenue may happen on different days.


Screenshot of what I would like to exclude from the chart.

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  • have you try adding `revenue` to the filter as 'is greater than' 0  ?

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  • That's an interesting issue.  The problem is that you can't use an aggregate field as a filter.


    Have you considered hiding the legend altogether?  You could always add in a table or pivot card below it if you still want the data there.  1.png



    Another option could be to change the card to show the top 5 departments and bucket the rest as "Other"






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  • Thanks for the recommendation.  I have encountered this issue a few times and I have never been able to filter out those totals and was hoping that one of the much smarter people than me in here had a solution I never contemplated.  No user has ever complained about it but I hate looking at a chart with a bunch of totals that are $0 when they have no relevance to the chart.

  • I believe I have a similar issue - can someone advise if the following chart, which has a COUNT() beastmode as its Y axis value, can be modified to exclude X-Axis values that have a Y-Axis value of 0? image.png

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