Convert an image into a banner containing several dynamic metrics

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I have this idea that I'd like to make a reality. Its a slightly more advanced take on the standard metric banner many of us use, but instead of using cards I'd like to use an image that conveys movement. I've attached the image I have in mind. In this chevron image, I'd like to replace the words with dynamic numbers or even embed transparent cards into(?).  The end result would see the attached image containing 5 different metrics. Anyone have a solution for this? Presumably, i could develop a custom app that would accomplish this, but are there better solutions. Perhaps leveraging HTML.  Many thanks in advance.


  • You could create a custom map and map the data to it. I think this should be doable without a custom app.


    i have a video where I walk through converting an image to .svg and then to a custom map file here:

    YouTube clip

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    WIll this solution work with embedded metrics that ordinarily would go in a card? I have used custom maps before but for the purpose of using graphical filters. This is different in that i wish to display summarized metrics in each of the arrows in the attached image.

  • @pimogo - In theory the custom map (the chevron image that you showed) should be able to be configured to behave like any other map.  Once you define the regions and map the data to each region, then you should be able to use data label settings to provide the summary numbers.


    Here is a custom map I used to add sales reagions to the US map with data labels:


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