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Is anyone distributing individual performance data to all staff (Social Users) who do not need to manipulate the data but need to consume their own scorecard?


We have not found the best solution to serve the data at the individual KPI level yet and wanted to see if anyone had a great use case.




Thank you in advance!


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    Hi @JennWhite 


    You have multiple options and each one has its pros and cons. it also depends on how big your staff is


    we distribute score card metrics for all our reps in our company and we have done it different ways.


    When we started distributing these metrics, we did not have our reps as participants, they were all social users too as well the rep's supervisors were social users. we used to send schedule reports to each supervisor, filtering the whole page by their team.  example team one , including 15 reps and the supervisors would seat down with their team members to discuss metrics, group and individual.  we didnt wan to set up each rep to schedule reports since it was too much manual work setting it up so thats why we decided to do it at the team level.


    then we gave supervisors participant access to Domo and assigned them to a Publication Group where each supersivor could access and see only their teams. we removed the schedule reports at that point.


    today we have all our reps as participants and assigned to the publication group where each individual can see only their performance metrics and each supervisor can see the whole team.  we use their company email addresses attached to their employee id for every transaction to be able to filter their view.


    hope this helps you



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