Color Rules for Visuals but not Tables


When I apply color rules to a data set I'd like to be able to have those rules apply to all card types except tables. I think it's silly for 1 column or an entire row to be color coded. It's distracting to say the least.


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    This has been mentioned in a previous post somewhere.  (apologies, I was not able to find it in a quick search)


    This is typically an issue when you are drilling from a chart into a table view of the data.  In this case, because the color rules are assigned to the entire card (including the drill path views) at the main card level, you are stuck with inheriting those color rules in your table.  The best work around that I have discovered is to create a beastmode to duplicate the columns you want in the table that have color rules attached to them.


    For example, if your first view had color rules based on `Product Group`, then you would want to create a beastmode called `Product Group no color`

    `Product Group`

    This beastmode would have the same values as product group, but would not have any color rules applied.


    Hope that helps.

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