salesforce: Sales report issue

I am importing the sales report from salesforce as the currency symbol is of indian rupees which is not a known currency symbol in DOMO.


When the dataset is created in the preview i can see another blank column created with the same name (for the columns that are updated witht he indian currency symbol)


Any solution for this?


  • guitarhero23
    guitarhero23 Contributor

    Can we see a screenshot of the Salesforce report and a screenshot of what Domo shows when you import? (blank out any sensitive info) but it would help because I wouldn't expect Domo to pull in a currency symbol, just the number.

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  • Hello Guitarhero23,


    please refer the screenshot for the details.


    Grandtotal Currency, Grand total Amount is not there in the Salesforce application but the data sets shows it.


    Same with the Due till date Currency, Due till date amount. All these are numbers but DOMO considers this as a text.