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There is a SaaS webapp/API called Segment ( ) which significantly helps SaaS companies track the user interaction within their products -- right down to how long a user was on a page and how many times a singular button was pressed. SaaS companies are extremely interested in this data, as it allows them to see when, exactly, users lose interest in their product or get confused with the UI/UX. Segment has their own collection of connectors the same way Domo does, but Domo is not offered. Domo does not offer a connection to Segment either. I propose that Domo create a connector for Segment. I imagine a lot of SaaS companies use Segment, so it would be beneficial for Domo to offer a way to gain insights with that kind of data. 


There are ways you can integrate the two -- most likely through a database/datawarehouse -- but a connector would be all the better. 


I will admit I don't know if user interaction data would exactly count as Business Intelligence data; perhaps there is a nuance there, thus making Domo not the best fit for handling this kind of data. Could someone elaborate on this and give their opinion on if Domo is good for analyzing user interaction data?




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    No, there is no such thing as BI data or a BI/Analytics tool like Domo (or any other tool) not working well with specific information like user interaction data. That said, and I've only just done an initial search... it looks like Domo has let 3rd party vendors own the space when it comes to integrating with Segment. I found at least 3 that are all offering custom no code integrations between your segment and Domo environments. So the fact that there isn't a Domo built connector could be because of the tech not aligning, but most likely it's politics at some level. Segment does have an integration already setup with Tableau.

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    @fearlessOwl , Domo is a data lake just like S3 or any other flat file storage system. Domo has a database layer, Adrenaline, similar to most massive distributed parallel (jargon-soup :P ) SQL database databases.

    It does not support no-sql super well.

    The question isn't 'can Domo work for a use case' it boils down to how you want to structure your data, how much volume it has, how often it needs to update etc.

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