"best" way to find out which field name changed to break card...

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When the name of a field changes on the underlying dataset and "Breaks" the card... it just gives you the orange box indicating that a field is missing... but doesn't tell you which one.  Has anyone figured out a "good" way to identify which field is the problem field?




  • ST_-Superman-_

    That box should indicate which fields are missing.  If not, then I think the culprit is typically buried in a beastmode field or was selected as the summary number.


    Interested to hear what any other users have come up with for this...

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  • Godiepi

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    A good way to evaluate dataset schema changes is by using the "Domo Governance Datasets" connector available in the app store.  You can download the report called "Dataset Schemas" wich downloads a list of All datasets present in your Domo instance along with every single columns/fields info for every dataset.


    I have mine running once a day and if you set it as append method , you can run comparisons using the "Batch_Last_Run" ...  this would allow you to see all columns in a dataset as of any date, so if a column is changed/removed, the next time it runs you will easily identify what and when something changed in the schema.  does it make sense ?


    Not only if it a field is removed but also added or if the column type changed

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  • Jeffsnake
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    that sounds cool... I'll take a look.

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