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I try to find a way to change color in flex table, just turning green to red and red to green because in this chart positive value are not a good thing


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    Unfortunatley, it seems as though color rules are disabled for flex tables so at the moment this is something that is out of reach. 


    If you find a workaround or a sutible solution I would love to know!



  • I’m pretty sure there is a chart property that allows you to indicate which direction should be green for a flex table

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  • Unfortunatelly, I did not see a lot of option for this chart, we got only 4 chart properties. 

  • Hi @StyLe 


    this workaround is very silly but I think it works ?


    can you create a beastmode to reverse the percentage so that the positive change becomes negative ?

    just multiply your value times (-1)

    `Your Value` * (-1)

    see screenshot below

    Screen Shot 06-21-19 at 11.49 AM.PNG


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  • @StyLe - You are correct.  I was thinking about the properties for the Comparative Guage card. 




    That will teach me to try to answer dojo questions from my phone ?


    However, I think this is a very good feature request that should be added to the flex table.  You should add it to the Ideas exchange.  


    In the meantime, I would recommend using the workaround provided by @Godiepi 

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  • Hello,


    Yes, I did it when I saw I can't play with the color the way I want. But this trick drive to reversal of the graph and negative figures that create too much misunderstanding on the result...


    Thank you,



  • Could you split the visuals up then?  Maybe show two flex tables next to eachother, with one showing the graph and the other showing the change indicators?  (the later using the (-1)*`value` solution proposed earlier)


    Otherwise, display the graph with an actual bar or line chart and then show the modified flex table below but just hide the graph portion of it.

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  • That's a good idea to solve the graph part but I will still have negative value that will lead to misunderstanding in the result.

    You gave the solution in your previous I guess when you speak about adding this subject to the ideas exchange.

    Thank you,


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