No result returned when click on drill path dimensions to access to source dataset

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I have an issue when trying to click on the data in the drill path to access to the source dataset table view. The main card is created as a map and when click on the country on the map it will drill down to the table card as below


The number of jobs column is a calculated column based origin agent name column and count the number of the value in this column to be the job count. 

We would like that when we click on Number of Jobs values in the drill path table card it can navigate the source dataset table view filtering on Origin Agent Name and Region dimension. But when we try to click on number e.g. 348 it will return the error that no results can be found from your query and ask us to change the filter.

I appreciate this may be because when clicking on the number it will filter on the original column not the calculated column we set up to find the value 348 in name column so nothing can be found. But we really think it'll be more convenient just like the main card when we click on some values it can directly go to the dataset and display the data within the set up filters. Is anyone having the same issue or a better solution for this? Thank you


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    I don't really have a solution for you just that you're right, that would be the expected default behavior with how drilldowns work. You define a drill down card and depending on what value you click on in the parent card it will always send that value to the next card as the drilldown value which is why it's hard to combine drilldowns with calculated values, as I'm sure you already saw if you were to click on the Origin Agent Name again it would show the drilldown you're expecting. I've tried to combat the confusion by training my users and sometimes including that detail in the description of the card. Sometimes I wish I could disable a column from being clickable in the first place so users can't click the calculated ones.

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    I could offer a bit of HTML coding that you could add to your table to provide the desired result.  However, rather then "drilling" into the data, you would be passing filters on to a new card.


    You would need to first build the "drilled view" as it's own card (and make note of the page and card IDs)


    Then modify this beastmode to accomplish what you are looking for:

    -- Card Filter
    CONCAT('<a href=''['
    -- Replace with correct page id # (after ".com/page/") and card id # (after "kpis/details/")

    -- Page filters to pass to landing page
    -- The "FirstFilterColumnName" is the column you want filtered on the target card
    -- Repeat the first filter lines as many times as needed to reach the desired number of filters

    -- Use the following code for the final card filter (there is no comma at the end)

    ,']'' '
    ,'Displayed Value'
    -- Replace 'Displayed Value' with the text you want to display
    -- You could also use `FieldName` to have the table display a value from your dataset

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    Hi, Superman,

    Wonder if you can give me some ideas:  I am using this same approach to get to a new page,  however, in the new page, I have a few cards built from another data set.  The filter did not pass to these cards.  In the second dataset, I used a beast mode to set up a column matching with the filter column name. Also, I allowed to interactive with all cards in the dashboard, which worked for other dashboards I have.  But seems not working here.   I also tried to include the second dataset into HTML code for the second filter, it still not working.


    How to pass the filter selection to the new page with mutliple data sets.


    Thank you very much.





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