Table Card - Only total displayed rows


I am trying to create a table card which shows the top 20 highest value opportunities.


I can't mark them in the dataset as 'top 20' because the values change everyday; but I need the 'Grand Total' row of the table to only show me the 20 rows displayed - not the full value of the data.


Is there anyway to do this?


  • NewsomSolutions
    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee

    I've done something similar with using Single Bar chart option and then limit the Maximum Bars in the General settings and then sort by whatever value you're using for "top".  But that wouldn't help your 'Grand Total". 


    What you may have to do is do an ETL for this and do the top 20 grouping seperately and do the aggregation there and bring it over as a value called 'Grand Total' and just include it with the other 20 actual values.  Then in your table card, do some color rules so that your Grant Total line shows up differently. 


    Not the best path to make this happen b/c you'll lack some drill down functionality but it would get you what you need I think.


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