Questions about Domo pre-built Connectors


Hello we are new to Domo and I had a couple of basic questions related to Domo pre-build Connectors:


  1. Is there a way to get notified when Domo makes an update to a Connector we are using? 
  2. When a Connector is updated do we need to do anything on our side to use the updated version or is it automatic?



  • Godiepi

    Hi @Kellerry ,


    I have used Domo since 2014 already and currently using several connectors, not all created by Domo.


     to your questions :

    1) I haven't gotten notified of updates but in each connector overview in the app store you can see the update version and the updated date. for instance the google sheet conector shows update version 1.322 Updated May 23 - 2019 ... I did not get notify but never had have an issue.  Just to make sure check with your Domo agent 

    2) During all these years , I have only had one case when a Salesforce connector notified me to take some action but find out it did not affect me. So, this tells me that if an action is required on your side, you will defenetly get notify.


    Let me add that I have never had any issues with my data and I have been able to continue using connectors without loosing connection. 


    Domo Arigato!

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