how can i duplicate a data table


How can I create a duplicate of an exisiting data table in order to capture all of the beast modes, etc.?


  • NewsomSolutions
    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee

    @AttuAk You can't create a duplicate can create a duplicate ETL and thus a duplicate dataset from that.  But the beast modes wouldn't go to the copied version.  You can use 'save as' for a card on a dataset that has BM associated with it and they'd go to the newly created copied card.  


    If you're trying to 'back up' any beast mode calculations you may want to put in = sign in your card that has them...and copy them out individually to ensure they are captured.  That would help with business logic documentation/etc for later use.


    If you want to move the BM to another dataset you can do that by going to the data center - data set - go to 'cards' and select 'switch cards to a different dataset' that is the only way to move BM calcs programatically to another dataset in bulk that I can think of.




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  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor

    I believe one way you can do this is :

    1) By creating a copy of the dataset you want to duplicate.

    2) Go to the existing dataset and go to "Cards" and click on the Switch cards to a different dataset and choose the copy of the original dataset.

    3) This should ensure the beast modes flowing into your duplicate dataset.

    4) You can move the original dataset back to be the base dataset of these cards.


    I will want to test this first before you apply it on a large number of cards.


    Let me know if this worked!