Connect DOMO to Table in MS Access Database Saved to Local Hard Drive




I've read the existing "asked and answered" post on this subject but am still at a loss in understanding what should be (?) a simple connection to an existing table in a locally-stored MS Access database.  I can create a .dsn file to the database but am unable to point to it using a DOMO connector and/or Workbench.  Can anyone provide additional guidance on this topic?

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    Can you post a link to the article or post you read so we know what you are referring to?


  • JacobFolsom
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    The Cloud Connector for Access is SFTP connections only, so you will use Workbench and connect through the ODBC driver to query the tables stored locally. For more info, Check out this post in Dojo for the solution

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    Hi - the link that DataJake provided is the previous asked/answered that I referenced before.

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