Looking for an equivalent to 'SELECT column_name WHERE IN' for beast mode.


Is there a Beast Mode equivalant for this SQL? Can Beast Mode even accomodate something like this?


select * from TABLE
where ResolvedBy in
(select distinct ResolvedBy from TABLE
where AssignmentGroup = 'IT Ops T1 Tickets'
and ResolvedBy != '')
and AssignmentGroup = 'IT Ops T1 Tickets'
order by ResolvedBy asc;


I know it can be done in a DataFlow, but I was told that Beast Mode can take pretty much any SQL scenarios. However, I have yet to figure out, or determine if the above is possible.


  • DataMaven

    Would a series of CASE statements or nested CASE statements do the trick?

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  • ST_-Superman-_

    It looks like this could be done with 2 filters on the card


    Place the `AssignmentGroup` field in the filters section and select 'IT Ops T1 Tickets'



    Place the `ResolvedBy` field in the filters and select the "not in" option and then the null box


    (if the second filter doesn't work then you may need to use a beastmode to highlight the null values)

    CASE WHEN `ResolvedBy` = '' THEN 'none' ELSE IFNULL(`ResolvedBy`,'none') END

    then you can place this beastmode in the filter and select not in "none"

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