How to convert a number into text

I have a character variable that contains numbers (1 to 7). When I load it into DOMO it come out as numeric variable but I don't want it that way. I want to keep it as Character/text datatype itself.


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    How is it coming into Domo? Native connector? Workbench? File Upload?



    Depending on the above you might be able to set it in the original dataset. However regardless you can use the ETL dataflow to change the column type.


    1: Click + in upper right and choose Data>ETL

    2: Add the dataset as the input dataset.

    3: Add the "Set Column Type" block and connect the input dataset to it.

    4: Set the column you want to change the type 

    5: Add an output dataset 


    This new output dataset is what you would use to build cards out of

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  • Godiepi

    If you dont want to create a new dataset you could use a beastmode to force the number to text


    concat('',`Sold Price`,'')

    Screen Shot 05-22-19 at 12.44 PM.PNG

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  • ST_-Superman-_

    You can also just use:

    concat(`Sold Price`)

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