Workbench 5 Job ID

Using Windows Task Scheduler to run Workbench jobs on a schedule, and I need to convert the jobs to bat files. To do this, I need the Workbench Job ID. Where do you find the Workbench Job ID in Workbench 5? Is there a way to see a list of all the jobs with their Job IDs? Or will I have to go through each one to find the ID? 


  • I dont believe there is any way to get Job IDs for all the jobs except going through each job at a time. Also, what are you trying to achieve by using batch files (just curious).

  • That seems to be correct...I had to go into each job and open the logs under the history tab to see what the Job ID was for each one. 

    I am using Windows Task Scheduler to run a number of WB jobs and need to create a batch file for each WB job that can be selected for a task in windows scheduler. 

  • Okay, so you dont need to create a batch file for each job manually. When you click on a job you can simply go to the toolbar and click on tools -> schedule. This lets you create batch files for jobs automatically and also allows you to add multiple jobs to single schedule (single batch file for multiple WB jobs).

  • I do not see a "tools" option in workbench 5?


    I can't find where to schedule jobs to task scheduler.   I previously did this in Workbench 4.

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