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I've been struggling with making funnels to look the way I want for a long time.


I am trying to build a card to show the overall performance (Cost --> Clicks --> Applications --> # of hires)

Since the number for cost is so much greater than the # of hires, the line for # of hires is so thin that it's not visible on the chart.


Is there a workaround on this, is there a way to set a custom width size?





  • BrendanH
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    If you are trying to set a custom width on your funnel chart the "category scale" options in the chart properties has some basic options for that.

    If that doesn't cover what you need you could also submit feedback by following the steps below.

  • ST_-Superman-_

    I feel like you would want to remove the Cost from this funnel.  Maybe provide a seperate visual that would display cost per click, cost per application, cost per hire...


    Clicks, applications, and hires are all measuring the same thing, so I think you could make it work with those stages.  Do you have a target for how many clicks should result in an application?  In order to help with the scale you could divide clicks by 1 thousand


    case when `type`='Clicks' then `Metric`/1000 else `Metric` end

    For a summary number you could use something like cost per click or cost per hire.  You may even want to do cost per 1000 clicks if that is how you are displaying the funnel.

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