"Private DataSet" Request Access - User is listed as "People with access"

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Hello all,

I am new to Domo, so forgive any ignorance. However, here is what I am trying to solve. 

I have a user, whom I have added a page to their account in the Admin view--when they go to that page, every card says "Private DataSet.... Request access". I check the DataSet, and it says "People with access" and lists that user there. 

Being new to Domo, I am not sure where I should start troubleshooting this. The way I feel is that if the DataSet states that the user has access to it, then they should surely have access. Is there a setting in the DataSet views that I am missing?

Thanks for any help you can give me. 


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    In addition, I have also tried to set the user access to Priviledged for the user and they still cannot view the cards associated with the DataSet.

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    Is the user listed if you click share on one of the cards in question?


    do you use PDP?

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