GDPR - Search and Clean Datasets


Was wondering if anyone has come up with a good plan for handling GDPR in Domo? If requested, you may need to search and remove out the name of someone whom has requested the cleasne to be performed. Trying to plan for this in Domo, and wanted to see what others may have done?





  • BrendanH
    BrendanH Domo Employee


    Are you referring to the data that you bring into Domo or just the users within Domo?

  • jorefice

    Both actually. I was primarily focusing on the data that is imported, but we should be cleansing the data associated with the DOMO accounts itself as well.


    We do not have a EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse), so the data is not being replaced in all instances when it is brought into DOMO. So even if we clean up the data from the source, it may still exist in Domo at rest.


    To my knowledge there is no ability to search and alter specific rows/columns in a dataset once it is in DOMO. While I can think of a few ways to potentially do this, I am looking to see what has been done for others.





  • DataMaven

    Hi @jorefice  - You can ask your Domo reps to get recursive capabilities set up.  I know for sure that you can get SQL queries special built to recursively write to Webforms, but they may also be able to set this up to write back to other dataset types.  Worth a shot.


    If you want to create a way to flag certain fields feel free to ask me about this as well!


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