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I am facing an issue where I need to create a custom data label at the top of a stack bar chart.


The 100% stack bar chart is used to display the sentiment of a brand ranging from positive sentiment, neutral sentiment, and negative sentiment. The 100% stack bar chart works perfectly to visualize this data (displayed on Net Sentiment Domo.png), but I need to have a metric called 'Net Sentiment' for each brand at the top of each stack bar chart (displayed on Net Sentiment.png).


The net sentiment is calculated from %positive sentiment - %negative sentiment.


Brand A: 50% positive sentiment, 20% neutral sentiment, 30% negative sentiment, then net sentiment would be +20.


However, there is no way for me to include these metrics as the stack bar chart top value since the only option that I know is to display the total value of the bar chart. Can we include another calculated metrics at the top of the bar charts? Let me know if you have any solution or need further explanation on this matter. Thank you!


  • Cartergan
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    Good morning!


    I am not sure if this will acheive what you are hoping for, but it may after playing around with it a little. 


    In the analyzer under Chart Properties -> Hover Text Settings, you are able to add a value into there. It won't show at the top of the bars but when you hover over each respective area it may will show the value. I haven't played around with it enough to know if you can do custom formulas but it may be a start! 


    Let me know if you decide to try this and figure something out because I would love to use this feature as well. 

  • ST_-Superman-_

    I apologize in advance for not knowing if this is part of a beta I am in or a part of the general release.


    Do you have access to Tooltips?1.png


    If you do, then you can create a beastmode for the calculation

    `%positive sentiment` - `%negative sentiment`


    Then place that field in the Tooltip Field 1 axis and set the Data label settings under chart properties:




    If you don't have access to ToolTip fields, request access from your Domo CSM.  

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