how to get distinct emails

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I have create a card to show the monthly subscriber, I then wanted to do a drill down to show the exact emails for the subscribers.  However, there are dublications in the emails, how to only show the distinct emails?  


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  • You will need to bring in some kind of an aggregate column to your table.  Something like Count of Clicks.  This will agregate your table to only show unique emails.  


    If you want me to get more specific, I will need to understand more of what your data looks like and how you are trying to display it.

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  • WizardOz
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    Hi, Superman,


    Since this is a drill down card to show who subscribed to our mailing list, I realy do not want to show anything else.  If I add another aggregated fiedd in a table chart, can I somehow hide that column from viewing?


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