Formatting Week Number Display

I have a use case where I need to show charts by Week Number formatted as "W1-19" vs the Domo default of "Week - 1 2019", while retaining the functioniliy of the dimension as a Date type. Does anyone know if it's possible to modify the date format for week number?


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  • Hi


    You can achieve it by below calculation-

    CONCAT('W',WEEK(`DATE`), '-',YEAR(`DATE`))

  • Unfortunately the concat function returns a data type of string therefore the date dimension is lost. You would lose hte ability to change the by data dimension.

  • I agree but you can still use them in charts and it works fine and plots data correctly to the correct week.

    Do you want to share whats the purpose of keeping the date data type intact so we can think of some other alternate solution?

    DOMO Wk Name.PNG

  • You could also use DATE_FORMAT()

    DATE_FORMAT(`Date of Invoice`,'W%V-%y')

    But that will also result in a text field.  It does not look like the chart properties supports the week outputs:


    This might be something that should be an idea suggestion.

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