Google Analytics Connectors

cwolman Contributor

I am attempting to use the Google Analytics or Google Analytics Enterpise Connectors and whenever I try to create a custom report I receive the error "Selected Dimensions and Metrics cannot be queried together".  I can make a successful connection and import data but only by removing metrics and dimensions one by one and testing after each change.  This is obviously not a practical way to determine the correct combinations.


I have checked here to verify that my dimensions and metrics can be queried together and I also created queries using the google query explorer which also worked with my chosen dimensions and metrics.



  • ga:ItemQuantity
  • ga:ItemRevenue


  • ga:productName
  • ga:productCategory
  • ga:transactionID
  • ga:deviceCategory
  • ga:fullReferrer
  • ga:sourceMedium
  • ga:campaign

Any advice on how to use these connectors would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.