Connecting Google Ads

I am trying to connect Google Ads via Google BigQuery DataSet but my project name is not showing up in the dropdown for "Project ID" even though it has been created and thus, I am getting an error and not being able to generate the script or connect.

Any help/suggestions will be appreciated.


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey user17479!

    If you are not seeing a Project ID within your drop-down, I would advise checking that API permissions have been granted where necessary for this account. Also, are you seeing other Project IDs populate?


    - Jarvis

  • Thank you for your reply!

    I have the necessary authorization and to answer your question no, I'm not seeing any project's in the dropdown.

  • I am getting the same error mentioned here. Does anyone have further insights?

  • nbrx
    nbrx Member

    Does anyone know a better way to get information from Google Ads into DOMO?


    Kind regards.

  • @nbrx I came across your question likely in search of a similar answer you were looking for. I have tried to use the Google ads connector, and trying to pull in the Campaign report, but when I run it it fails and says it cannot pull in the selected metrics from the campaign report. Did you find a better way to pull in google ads? Not being able to utilize the API is extremely discouraging.

  • Hi @user048760

    Since Domo doesn't support direct connection with Google Ads it's a bit tricky to get the data ingested. I ended up writing a python script to interface with the Google Ads API to pull the data and ingest the data using the Domo API (via the pydomo Python package).

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  • @GrantSmith That's good info. Thank you. One more question, is there a primary key that gets pulled in through the different performance reports in the google connector that can make it easy to join those reports? I was able to pull in all the reports needed and the data looks good but the next step would be able to combine the different reports, but when using this google data joining can get tricky.