Dates show a day ahead

I am creating a card and noticed that the data in my Date field is being changed, For example 2019-04-17 18:16:00 shows as 18 Apri 2019 18:16:00 AM. I am not sure why DOMO is adding a day to the raw value. 


  • It all comes to your company time zone settings and the time zone you are telling Domo your data is in when importing it throught workbench.  take a look at this article from the Domo knowledge base



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  • Double check the values you are seeing too.  I'm guessing that it is just pushing to forward 10 hours.  That would change 2019-04-17 18:16:00 to be 18 Apri 2019 08:16:00 AM... not 18:16 AM.


    Either way, if this is a workbench job then I think the fix is to add a "Shift Data Timezone Transform" to your workbench settings:1.png


    You will just need to know what time zone your source data is using

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  • I am currently using workstation to import from a MSSQL database. The Transforms -> Shift Date Timezone has been set to UTC-07:00. This was setup a while ago. The dates are entered in the data base via UTC date. We need to view the dates in Mountain Time.

  • If the dates are entered via UTC, then you don't want to use any timezone shift.  The data needs to come into Domo in UTC.  The timezone shift is in the event that the source system does not use UTC.


    The company settings will then let you specify that you want to view Mountain Time

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  • OK, got it. I removed it and now the dates are working like it should. Thanks for the help

  • I have noticed that after 5 PM PST, all my cards are blank. I need to show all data for the current day. I am not sure why the cards are blank after this time of day

  • Found that my dates are not UTC but  (GMT+0) format. What is the best way to convert to UTC?

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