How to creat a filter for currecy change

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Hello, I wonder if someone can give me some ideas on how to do this:


I have a coulmn for SpendingCost that contains both Euro or USD.  I created 2 new columns one for EURO as SpendEuro, and one for USD as SpendUSD by converting the currency.  Now, in my dashboard, I wanted to set up a filter to let user choose currency type, if they choose USD, then all summaries will be based on SpednUSD, if Euro, then SpendEuro.  I am not sure ho to set up the filter and let it conencted with both spend columns.


Thank you.




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    I'm not sure of a way to do this via a filter.  I have solved a similar problem by building two subpages.  One with USD and the other with the same metrics in local currency.  


    Is there a need for the same user to switch back and forth?  Or would most users just want to see one currency.  If most users are only interested in viewing either USD or Euro, but not switch between them, I would suggest to different pages, one for each currency.

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    Hi Olivia, 

    There's a little trick I have come up with to handle reporting of multiple metrics, which I think will do what you need.  


    You want to use the 'Collapse Columns' function to make fields for 'Currency' and 'SpendingCost'.  Collapse Widget.PNG





    Here's what you fill into each blank:

    1.  Currency

    2.  SpendingCost

    3.  SpendEuro and SpendUSD

    4.  Euro and USD




















    If you run into an issue, send a screenshot, and I'll help you out.  Once completed sucessfully, you will be able to easily filter on currency.  You just may want to have this generate a separate output dataset so that you only use this when it's necessary to toggle between currencies.  Otherwise, folks can sum all the values, regardless of currency, and arrive at incorrect values.  


    PS - If this is a concern, we can also try a cool beast mode to provide an alert in the summary number if a currency is not selected.  Alternatively, for table cards, you can include currency as a field to improve clarity.  


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