Is the SharePoint Online Connector able to get a SP library's metadata?

I've connected to SP Online to upload the contents of an excel workbook successfully.  Now, I would like to upload a SharePoint Library's contents (metadata) and I'm not sure which format that would be utliizing???? Several of our previous excel workbooks are being converted to SharePoint libraries so that they can be utilized in SP workflow forms as dropdown choices and I also need their contents in DOMO.


  • guitarhero23
    guitarhero23 Contributor

    What exactly do you mean by being converted to SharePoint Libraries? The files you're talking about are already in a SharePoint "Document Library" if they're in some folder which would connect as you have already done it seems. You can also connect to SharePoint lists. Can you give any screenshots so I can see what you mean? I have connections to Excel files stored in document libraries and a connection to a sharepoint list so I'm hoping I've done what you're asking about already.

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  • @guitarhero23  Do you have any tips on configuring the setup in DOMO to pull Excel file into DOMO through the SharePoint Online connector? I have followed the current documentation as closely as possible but continue to receive "Domo is ready, but value specfied for 'server relative url' is not valid"


    I am using this documentation link and following the exact template for Host URL and am then using the Document report to try to pull an Excel file. In the Server Realtive URL do we grab everything from '/sites.. ' to '...xlsx' in the URL of the opened workbook? Or is there a special format that we are supposed to use that I am not seeing?

  • Someone on our team ended up helping me out:


    If you need to pull an Excel file from SharePoint, we ended up using the Document Report. Then in Server Realtive URL you use this pattern: /sites/sitename/Shared%20Documents/Folder%20Name/File%20Name.xlsx


    The sitename can be found by clicking on your sharepoint site and then looking in the URL. You will see /sites/sitename.


    Then follow that with: /Shared%20Documents/


    Then if your file is in a folder, enter the folder name with '%20' entered any time there is a space in words in the folder name. If there are no spaces, you probably don't need to use those values.


    Then follow the same pattern for your file name, again using '%20' anytime there is a space and then end it with the extension (e.g. .xls or .xlsx).