Turn off the page filter in a set of cards not the all of that Page


Hi All,


I build up a dashboard and having sets of cards to a page. Issue is that two cards are made to show YTD trend and rest are on monthly trends. So i put the page filter on the monthly basis due to which YTD trends cards are showing that particular month data (which i do not want). 


I want to exculde those YTD cards from the page filter. But the ETL or data set of all cards are same.

Does any one knows a way out to solve this.






  • n8isjack
    n8isjack Contributor

    Short answer: No, the page filters will apply to all cards on that dataset.


    Workaround: You can create two outputs from the same ETL. This means you can easily duplicate your dataset into two different datasets. If you use one for the YTD cards and another for the monthly cards then it can filter them independently.


    Issues with this workaround:

    • Page Filters have an the option to filter all datasets with a matching column, this should not be used or it will undo your workaround.
    • Beastmodes that you have created on the first dataset will not exist on the new dataset by default.



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