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I have a general question on tables and total rows. I noticed that there does not seem to be a way to do totals on just the data in the actual table. So let's say you filtered the data in the table to only include certain values, and you want to do a total sum of the filtered values...


When you ask for a total it gives the dataset total, not the total in the table currently being viewed. As you can see from the photo attached, the total row gives a ridiculously large total compared with the data presented. It would be extremely helpful to be able to do totals and percentage on the table itself.


Meaning that when in a table view, the values could be stored locally and one could do total and other equations off the table values rather than the dataset behind the values. Is that something currently being worked on? Is there a way to perform this function already that I am not aware of? 




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    Normally it does...I just tested on mine and it correctly changed the total row based on what i had filtered. How are you getting the column data? Is it some sort of beastmode or other manipulated data? I'm wondering if that is causing this.

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  • The way this is set up is the data set has lets say 10,000 rows, and the value in each row is the same. The table is listing that value for each region, but in the data set that value is the same for each of the 10,000 entries. I want to just add up those same entries rather than the sum of all 10,000 entries this is pulling from. Regardless, it clearly isn't pulling from the values in the table, it's incorporating outside data. In retrospect it isn't being filtered, its just listing the value on the row I pulled and then totaling all the rows together in the sum. 

  • My guess is that your MMM-Actual column is a calculated field (formerly known as beastmode...) which is filtering the data somehow.  Something like

    SUM(CASE when `Month` = 'Sep' and `Year` = `2018` then `Sales Actuals` else 0 end)


    You will need to apply a similar filter to the goal data:


    SUM(CASE when `Month`='Sep' and `Year` = '2018' then `Sep-18 Goal` else 0 end)


    I can provide a more detailed example if you can share your table settings as well as a sample of your data set.

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    Are their differences between your "Actual" data and the "Goal" data? The Actual is adding up correctly

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  • The actual data is pulling from a large data set of customers with values set. The goal data is pulling from a small table with goals per month. So there is a beatmode calculation on the actual data to pull just the values for that month, and the goal data is the numerical total goal for that month. This is my attempt at taking live customer data and putting it next to goals for the monthly totals. 


    My point was if I could just add up the actual table values I wouldn't have to do complex calculations on the back-end to work around it. 


    My wish essentially is that Domo programmed a function that said "Sum values in current table view" rather than only pulling from the data behind it.


    That said if you have a solution or a way to do this better I'm happy to hear it.



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