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I am trying to rebuild a Tableau function that our organization uses quite frequently. We have a series of tables in Tableau that we use to steer our marketing. We are slowly moving away from needing and using those tables throughout out organization, but for the time being I need to get people in Domo.


The function in Tableau allow a Filter (Example a Page Filter) to change the values in a single column.


I have attached a few screen shots of how this is done. Essentiallly the first view of the table that someone sees has a "Date Column" generally Year-Month. Then on the page there is a "Weekly Filter" that will then change the "Date Column" to Year-Week and then the same for date it will then change the "Date Column" to Year-Month-Date.


I hve not found a possible way to do this in Domo, but I thought there might be someone out there who has solved this either through a Stored Procedure, or other custom Beast Mode calculations.



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    This can be accomplished with filters depending on how your data is structured.


    My guess is that the Tableau data set is essentially stacking the data tables on top of each other with one column called `Date` that has values ('Daily', 'Weekly', 'Monthly', 'Quarterly', 'Yearly') and another column called `Date Channel` that provides the values you are seeing in the visualization.


    If the data is not set up this way, then you will need to do some data engineering via a dataflow prior to getting an output like this.  


    I have found that the best way to get people into Domo is not to try to copy their existing reports, but to really try to understand what is being done with the report.  What question do they want to use this data to answer and how can Domo provide that anser.  I have found that we typically end up dramatically changing the output that end users are consuming, but they are getting to their answers quicker so they prefer it.

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    Thanks for the insight here. I was trying to avoid stacking the data just to accomplish this requirement. It is one that is pretty straight forward in Tableau.


    I do however agree with you statement on user adoption. And for the most part we have implemented over 140 people in less than 2 months with very little rebuild. There are as you know some issues and requirements that are specific in nature and that unfortunately need to be rebuilt in order to get further adoption. 


    I will look at stacking the data and see how this does for us. I hate the idea of a dataset that size, but I understand the limitation.

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