New Relic NRQL Connector Issues


Are there any docs for the New Relic NRQL Connector?

I've got a couple questions/issues.
1. Any idea why DOMO seems to be able to get more than 1000 rows back via NRQL with a query?  New relic doc sat the New Relic Insights Api is limited to 1000 row repsonses...
2. Does DOMO modify the query string in any way when making a request to the Insights Api?

3. I'm trying to setup up a connection that runs every 15 minutes and only queries 15 minutes of data from new relic. Encountering some strange issues:

Schedule: Every 15 Minutes, 24/7.
Query: SELECT * FROM Logs since 15 minutes ago
Error Response: NRQL Syntax Error: Your query's start time must be before its end time.

Thanks for the help.