DOMO + JIRA connector failing to import Worklog


 "Domo is ready, but Jira failed to return the requested data with a 404 Not Found error. Please try again later."


I only get this for the Worklog. Standart Ticket report for example works.


Robot Sad


I know JIRA had a major update lately which improved the 'Log work' function, does this relate (and broke the connector for this?) 
Can someone check from this side?




  • BrendanH
    BrendanH Domo Employee

    I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary but if you are still seeing this issue, I would recommend contacting Domo Support through your customer portal.


    They will probably want the URL of the dataset that is failing so make sure to include that if you submit a ticket

  • user15264

    Issue no longer does persist. Working as expected.


    By any low chance an experience user reads this:

    Is it possible to import two JIRA projects, the
    "project= x AND project=  y"
    function does not seem to work. (only ever picks first mention)