Trying to fetch data from within DOMO using R ; getting the following error-Not Acceptable (HTTP406)

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I am trying to use the R Plug In option in DOMO to 'Fetch' a dataset from DOMO, do some manipulation next and then push it back to DOMO thereafter. But I am constantly getting this error :

Not Acceptable (HTTP 406) when I use this code : DATA_RMMSB<-DomoR::fetch(my_dataset)

my_dataset is a variable where I have stored the DOMO generated dataset ID.


Would be great if anyone could help. I am up for a call/chat in case you wish to get in touch Re: this issue?

Many thanks!


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    Make sure that your Access Token has not expired:1.png


    That is the error message that I was getting when I tried using an expired access token

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    Thank you for reaching out. The screen shot of the page you sent, well that page is different for me. I do not have the "ACCESS TOKEN" option where I can check the shelf life. 

    But I used a curl script in windows command promp with my Client ID and Secret to get an access token.

    It is INCREDIBLY LONG and the output has something like this wriited 


    Any clue what this might be or where I am going wrong?

    Thank you so much!

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