how to detect the status of embed domo card in parent window?


If I embed a domo card inside my personal website (say, then are there any means available to me by which my javascript code on can detect weather the iframe has loaded successfully with visual or failed to load due any error (sso failed, or connection timed out , js error. etc.)?


  • camcusick_07
    camcusick_07 Domo Employee

    We do not have anything that will show you that. The only way to see if it works is by seeing if the card rendered or not on your website. If you get an error, it will be noticible on your site.




  • jwilson

    The "just look at it and you will know if it's working" is fine in a test environment or a small shop.  As customers push Domo Everywhere out to broader audiences it's entirely possible that users will see errors that administrators simply wont -- different browsers, different networks, different embeded cards, different SSO permissions, etc.


    A programatic way to know when embeded cards do not serve properly would be very helpful allowing us to fix these sorts of issues before users report them or worse yet before they simply start ignoring Domo cards that are broken.