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I have a dashboard that is showing 8 different cards, each with a summary number.  Two of the cards are not showing summary numbers on the dashbord view but the rest are.  When I expand the card or go into analyzer, it is showing the summary number but not when I'm in dashboard view.  Is there any way to get this to show like the other ones or do I just have to rebuild the card?



  • dthierjung

    We might need more info to help you.


    1. Are you using the new Dashboard feature (currently in Beta so you would have had to specifically ask for that to be enabled)? See attached as a reference for what this dashboard option would look like.
    2. Are there any page filters on the page and/or applied? Or quick filters potentially.
    3. What are the card types that aren't displaying summary numbers? Are there 2 different cards of the same type (visualization) that one shows and the other does not?



  • user06209

    1. Currently using Beta

    2. No page filters

    3. Simple Gauge and bar graphs.  I have other bar graphs and gauges that are on the same layout that are showing the summary number.


    I found that rebuilding the card from scratch will show the summary number but if there is an easier soluation that would be great.

  • user00344

    I am running into this problem as well.  Tends to be when I copy a card existing elsewhere to a dashboard.

  • cwolman
    cwolman Contributor

    While editing the dashboard you can turn the card summary and titles on or off.  This is accomplished by clicking edit dashboard. 

    1. Mouse over the card and click edit content. 
    2. Click Display Settings. 
    3. Click on Summary to toggle on/off the Summary Number.  You will also see the option to turn on the Title as well.

  • user00344

    Thank you!

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