Adjusting chart properties dynamically with data?


We've got large DataSets that we slice in various ways, such as by company, division, or subdivision. There are quick filters and page filters in place to make this easy. My question is how to recalibrate charts dynamically based on the current data being charted?


A Filled Gauge has static properties for "Minimum Value" and "Maximum Value", they're a perfect example of something that we would like to tie to the data. Like, make the max the max(our_series) * 1.1...but only for the data that's currently displayed.


Static values can't help much when the value range changes dynamically. I've attached images of the same value plotted against a gauge set to 400 and 4000. The data is the same, but the information is completely different because the meaning comes from the range.


A Filled Gauge is a simple example, but we've got the same basic question for numerous chart types:


How can we tie chart properties to values in the currently displayed data?


Is there some trick with calculated columns that can help here?


Thanks a lot.


  • dthierjung
    dthierjung Contributor

    Unfortunately the chart properties cannot be tied to a beast mode or data column (great idea for the Ideas Exchange forum).


    I'm not familair with your data strcuture but you can get creative with the gauge chart for example, and calculate the target value so it adjusts accordingly.

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