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I have set up a daily alert to notify myself when a YTD sales number changes by more than 1. The alert is set to send an email notification at 9:00 am every day when this change occurs. I tried to share this alert with others, but I am the only one who receives the daily email notification. How do I set up an alert so I receive the email notification, but so do the other people I would like to receive the email notification? Below is the link to the card with the alert set up.


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  • DataMaven

    Folks here won't be able to get to that link.  Can you share a screenshot?  Thanks!

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  • user04864

    Attached is a print screen of the alert that was set up. It is shared with 5 other people. I have checked their profiles and the have the notification set up so that when the alert is triggered an email is sent, but they aren't receiving that email.

  • KenTravels

    Hmmm...I assume you blanked out the names for the screenshot, right?  

    Here are some things to check:

    Is there anything in the PDP settings that would make the value not reach the threshold?  

    Are their emails correct in their Domo profiles?  

    Have they checked their spam folders and filters?  

    Have they ever received any other alerts, but just aren't seeing this one, or is this the first they have tried?  

    Let's see about the answers to these, and then troubleshoot some more if none of these hit it.  


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