Using interactive dashboards in publication groups

SamEich Contributor

Hey Dojo Members--


We are rolling out some of the interactive dashboards to our instance, and are loving them! We wanted to share them with some of our clients. We utilize publication groups in order to make sure our clients only see their data. When using the dashboard outside of the publication group, everything works fine (Screenshot1). When we put the dashboard into the publication group, the page loads really slowly, and when trying to apply filters in the dashboard, the filters only apply to the card you selected the filters on (Screenshot2). Does anyone know if these dashboards can work in publication groups? Any suggestions on a workaround? 


We tried using PDPs instead of publication groups but we found that our clients could see who else is shared on a page, which would essentially give away our client list (which is a no go) (Screenshot 3). So another solution to this would be how to hide our clients from seeing who else is shared on a page/card!


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