Formatting options: Percentage Point in period-over-period card

Gionniz Contributor

I am facing an issue while using a period-over-period card:

I have a calculated field with a generic rate (sum(x)/sum(y)) that is formatted in percentage.
I am comparing 2 series and want the card to automatically calculate the difference in percentage point (pp) instead of percentage in the variance line or bar.

If selecting in the chart options -> General -> Show Variance As Value
the card is correctly calculating the variance as a difference of percentages,
but plotting a wrong label as a percent variation, % instead of pp (percetage points).

I would need the possibility to add formatting options for the variance line/bar , in particular percentage points (pp) while comparing rates (%).

is it possible to implement it?


Cheers, Gio


  • DataMaven
    It's giving the right number, but wrong label? Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing and what you want to see?
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