How to use a MySQL advanced security account



I am on a 30-day trial with Domo, and I'm trying to connect to a Google CloudSQL instance.

I've whitelisted all necessary IPs on my instance and enabled SSL. However, when I try to use the MySQL connector I receive this error message:






I've looked around and found a "MySQL Advanced Security" account type (under the list of possible accounts I can create in Domo) which seems exactly what I need, because it lets me specify not only the CA certificate but also the SSL Certificate and SSL Key. I've created one, it seems to work but if I go under the MySQL connector it forces me to create a completely new account: I don't have the option to use the advanced security one I already have.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it because I'm on a trial that I can't use this type of account?


Many thanks if you can help me.



  • ASperry
    ASperry Domo Employee

    Hi Simona,


    There's 2 versions of the MySQL connector avaiable, MySQL and MySQL SSH. The Advanced Security account corresponds with a version of the MySQL connector that was deprecated. 


    I'd suggest confirming if you are able to connect to your Google CloudSQL database using MySQL Workbench. The only requirements we have for the MySQL connector are:

    • The username and password you use to log into your MySQL database

    • The host name for the database

    • The port number for the database

    • The database name or schema name

    • The SQL query you will use to pull data

    • SSL

    You can also include the URL where your SSL CA Certificate is located, though this is optional.



    Aaron S.