Is it possible to have a Table chart type with one of the columns displaying a barcode of a value?



I have a rather archaic entry I have to do in one system based on DOMO data.   I'd like to use the domo data to make a table of information where one of the columns displays in a bardoce font so the users can print the sheet and scan the barcode.


The limited barcode experience I have is that the barcodes I need are simle 1d codes.  I normally apply a certain font to them in Excel to make them appear.  


Appreciate any thoughts.


  • So it is possible to use HTML in a table card to display custom cells/fonts. And technically it would be possible to display the font as a barcode.


    However, and it's a big however. You would need to bring in a reference to the font library which, so far as I know, is not possible in a beast mode. You would need to alter the parent page's link references.


    Here's a link to an example of how this would look with pure html/css (notice the link to the google api font family at the top):


  • I am also really curious on how to do this.