How to create a Dual Axis on a Horizontal Bar Chart?


Hi all,

I'm trying to create a Grouped Horizontal Bar chart, but one metric is in units while the other is a MoM % calculation.  So the primary axis is based on a unit scale and the secondary bar chart is too small to see anything because it is on a % scale.  


So I'm wondering can you create a secondary X axis to display the percentages?  OR is there some other route can you at least display the % MoM number (such as in the data label).  


I know I can probably do this on a vertical chart, but I feel the horizonal is more visually appealing.  Thanks for your help! 


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    Chips Domo Employee

    Hi there, 


    Can you throw a screenshot on here?


    From what I glean from your initial prompt I would recommend either:

    1. Changing to a Horizontal Bar + Line

    2. Using the log scale


    Guessing you have already thought of those or for some reason they won't work, so the other thought I had is


    3. Multiply the % rate at an order of magnitude to bring it to the same scale as the units


    Again, if you can upload a pic I can comment further!



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