Pushing data into domo via REST or API


I would like to push data into DOMO. specifcally from BOOMI.  Send files via email ,sftp or uploading are not viable options.


A rest API would be great.  What about DOMO Api?


  • dthierjung

    Hi there,


    Check out this link to the Domo developer page for info on importing and exporting datasets, among many other possibilities.




    They have some good examples on structuring your calls and expected responses. Postman is an excellent tool to test their connection if you're familiar with that.

  • user02120

    The notes says csv is the only format supported.


    Thats not an option.


    When will other formats or a true rest API be supported?

  • dthierjung

    In theory, you should be able to convert your data to a csv format, depending on what you're working with.


    For example, Json or objects can be converted to a datatable format which can then be sent as a csv.


    As far as an official REST API, I can't speak for Domo's dev team and their release schedule.


    If it's not already an idea on the Dojo, I'd recommend putting it up as there are doubtless many others who would benefit from it.