Regular expression/RegEx cheat sheet and ETLs you can use RegEx in?


Hey all,


I am extremely new to DOMO so I'm still adjusting to using this. I sometimes use the R plugin but I want to learn to use the ETLs as well- I am used to text mining and RegEx in R using stringR or grep. But, when I try to do the same search-and-replace operations using Value Mapper or Text Replace, my expected result doesn't happen- i.e. if I want to replace "5C (A)" and "5C (B)" with just "5C", searching for "5C.*" seems not to work as it would in R, and I have to do multiple steps in Value Mapper to do the job. I've done some googling but it looks like there aren't quite as many Domo resources as there are R.


Also, if I can use RegEx, what are the ETLs I can use them in?




  • If you are most comfortable with R, you should consider evaluating the scripting tiles. These are a premium service that would allow you to write your r code directly into an etl tile. 

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