Connecting to Pardot in hopes of getting email stats


I've connect to Pardot in hopes of getting email stats. However I cannot get a 'send date' for my emails.  There are a dozen different report types to pull, but none of them have ALL of the email data AND a send date.  The report types that do have a send date do not have all of the open, clicks, bounces, yada, yada fields I need. 


So then I thought I'd connect the reports in ETL, but there isn't a 'key' field to use to combine the data.


Anyone else have this issue?  And if so, how did you solve it?





  • camcusick_07
    camcusick_07 Domo Employee

    I that is a report that is possible to get in Pardot, and not in Domo, then you will have to submit feedback to the Domo Product Feedback. To do that, click the main menu icon > Feedback > Product Feedback

  • user16958

    Are you using the Prospect Email Activities report type to pull in the data? In that table there is an Activity Type field (Open, Send, Click, Bounce, etc) and the Created_At field is the timestamp for that action type. You could filter to Activity Type = Send and use the Created_At field as the effective send date.