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I wanted to only show all KPIs from external users, I have a field to idetify this. I know I can do this setup in each card, however, is there a way I can set up a default setup in page fitler so that all cards are set up by defualt only for external uers. Yet users should not see and change this field. Thank you. Olivia


  • guitarhero23

    These are the options I'm aware of.


    1: Set it up on each card (as you know is more time consuming)


    What would probably be the best way:

    2: Use Personalized Data Permissions (PDP) policies to make it so when an external user looks at a card they only see it where the data is external_user_field = True. You can setup one card/set of cards for both sets of users and when the external users look at the card they only see it from their perspective.

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  • bigdatadojo2000

    I agree! This would be huge if admins could push-out page-level filters. Also if they could have default values selected on card page-filters so that the page is still filtered a certain way by default but have the option of changing a page filter temporarily.

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