Case to a Negative Number


I have a beast mode to calculate the distinct count of products from transactions.  These transactions can represent shipments or returns.  If the transaction is a return, I want to case the distinct count of the products to a negative number.  I currently have the following but it is only returning positive values:




WHEN lte_tbl_return_code.return_reason_description is not Null THEN lte_product_header.product_id * -1 ELSE lte_product_header.product_id



Attached is a screenshot of the data.  Those that have the return for reissue return reason should be returning a negative number. 



Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


  • The problem here is the aggregate that you are using.


    You are counting the distinct number of Product IDs.  This count would be the same regardless of a positive or negative value.


    You should try something like this:


    case when lte_tbl_return_code.return_reason_description is not Null

    then -1* count(distinct lte_product_header.product_id)

    else count(distinct lte_product_header.product_id)



    If that doesn't work, then I think you will need to split this into two transforms


    count(distinct lte_product_header.product_id)



    case when lte_tbl_return_code.return_reason_description is not Null THEN 

    -1* `Field from step 1` else `Field from step 1`

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