Workbench 5: How to connect to existing Datasets - Type File-Upload


I've upgraded to WB 5 from WB4. I did not have any jobs on WB4 since was facing issues connecting WB to DOMO. After upgrading I am able to create new datasets on DOMO however, I do not see any option to connect to existing datasets on DOMO. These existing Datasets were uploaded using FileUpload Connector (Not Legacy). I did not find any option for File Upload  under Dataset type. I have tried with Dataset type as Workbench Excel and Microsoft Excel V2 in vain. Is there something that I miss? Your help would be highly apricated. Thanks


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    So I've been doing some research and found this is not something that can currently be done. Although this feature is not available at the time, you can submit an enhancement request and it could be something that could be implemented in a later version. Here is a link to our FAQ concerning Enhancement Request processing, and how to submit feedback inside of Domo: 


    You are also able to create suggestions in the Domo Dojo here: In this section of the Dojo, customer suggestions can be "liked" by other customers, and updates will be intermittently provided about whether something will be implemented, and if so, when. Our product team reviews every enhancement request submitted and will get in touch with you once it's submitted. Was there any further questions I could address for you today?

  • Shine

    Thank you for the response. Please correct me in case I am wrong. I always believed  WB4 had this feature. Though I had issues updating the data sets. Used to get following 2 errors randomly


    1.Error executing DataSet Job

    System.IO.InvalidDataException: Error sending data to Domo. 1 data file(s) failed during upload.


    2.Server reported error: 'Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (Internal Server Error).' uploading data part 1. Retrying in 10 seconds.


    Was that a WB issue? Did WB4 too did not have file-upload connectivity?

  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor



    Try the following

    Create a job and have it generate a new data set.

    After the job has been created go to Domo Details under the Overview tab. There you should be able to change the target dataset by selecting an existing one.

  • Shine


    Thank you for replying.


    The "Dataset Picker" you have mentioned does not display any existing datasets on DOMO, irrespective of the dataset type. This used to work on WB4 though.



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