Problematically Replicate Exporting to Excel in the UI?


I know I can use the API to pull data down from Domo which would allow me to do manipulation to it but my goal would be to replicate what data shows on the card, the same data that is returned when you do a manual Export to Excel in the browser. That's what I would want to access programatically, not the whole underlying dataset. Is that possible? The only workaround I can think of is to take all the data down and use some libraries to create pivot tables, etc which seems like a lot of work.


Also I'd like it to be via the API and not through browser automation via something like selenium.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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  • That does seem Problematic.


    Where are you wanting to pull the data down to?  Would the Domo embed feature be of any use here?


    Admittedly, I don't do much with APIs so there may be a solution I'm not aware of.  However, I believe that only data sets can be accessed via API calls and not individual cards.

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  • guitarhero23

    Ha, I didn't notice a reply to this thread and when i came back to double check i noticed my spelling error in the title, dangit. From what I can tell so far I can only access the underlying data, I'd essentially have to rebuild the card with some excel programming or something which I'd LOVE to avoid even venturing that route. Unfortunately embed isn't going to work because I'm trying to give summarized data to non Domo users

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  • dthierjung

    Unfortunately you cannot access a card's data via the API, just the underlying dataset. Although this seems a popular request - would be a good idea for the Idea's Exchange.


    Browser automation or further data manipulation after the API call would be the only viable routes I can think of.


    Although, it might be worth reaching out to the Domo support team. They sometimes have internal API's they use and can maybe share.

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